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Please note that the race is the Saturday BEFORE the festival
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1.            All races will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. at the Camp Ridge Point/Ridge Point Consultants headquarters building located at 710 Homochitto Campout Rd. SE, Meadville, MS, 39653.  Please note:  If you are not familiar with Camp Ridge Point, please use Google Maps.  The Apple Maps App WILL NOT get you to the appropriate location.  See map below for details.


2.           There will be one water station on the 5k course approximately 1/3 of the way down the course.  You will pass the water station twice during the race.  Please drink!  There will be no water stations on the river, nor the bike trail! Bring water!


3.           All racers participating in the kayak race must supply their own kayak.  All kayaks are single occupancy.  This is not a team event.


4.           No form of propulsion is allowed, except for a paddle.  No foot operated paddle boats, etc. 


5.           The Homochitto River is considered a navigable waterway.  Please follow applicable state law.  All kayak participants under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to wear a helmet.      


6.            ALL bike participants are required to wear a helmet.  No exceptions.


7.           No E-bikes, gravel bikes or road bikes allowed.


8.            Racers participating in the 5-K/Kayak race will continue past the 5-K finish line, and across the bridge, to continue to their kayak.


8.            All racers participating in the 5-K/Mt. Bike/ Kayak race must stage their bike at the Camp Ridge Point headquarters NO LATER than 7:15 a.m.  The biking section will be approximately 9.5 miles long.  Terrain is primarily gravel roads, with some off-road.  Racers will complete the 5-K course and immediately begin the bike portion of the race.  The bike portion will begin and end at the headquarters.  At the conclusion of the bike portion, racers will run across the bridge to begin the kayak portion of the race.


9.           All racers participating in the kayak race must have their kayak staged at the river’s edge under the bridge at Camp Ridge Point NO LATER than 7:15 a.m.  Please stage your kayak before you arrive at the registration area.  This will ensure that you are ready to go at race time. 


10.         All races, with the exception of the 5-K only race, will end approximately 6 miles down the Homochitto River at the Highway 98E bridge.  No transportation will be provided back to Camp Ridge Point.  Please make arrangements accordingly.  Most people stage an extra vehicle at the bridge.  See map below.


11.         If you have any questions, please contact Brad Jones at 601-248-4488. 



Map & Directions to Race


Directions from Quentin Quick Stop

8005 U.S. 84 Service, McCall Creek, MS 39647


  1. Head south on US-84 W – 0.8 mi

  2. Turn left onto Quentin Rd SE- 1.4 mi

  3. Turn right onto Roundtop Hill Rd- 1.5 mi

  4. Continue onto Burris Road- 0.7 mi

  5. The destination will be on your left


Map & Directions to pick up Kayaks at the finish line.







Directions to pick up Kayak from race start line.

  1. Take Burris Road to Highway 84 - 0.9 mi (Over the bridge to 84 Hwy)

  2. Turn left onto Highway 84 West- 5.2 mi

  3. Use the right lane to take the Bude/Meadville Exit Ramp

  4. Turn left onto MS 184-E (signs for Bude)- 0.8 mi

  5. Turn right onto US 98 E- 1.3 mi

  6. Turn right onto MS-556 W-Destination to pick up Kayak will be on your left.

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pick up.JPG
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